Girlfriends’Journey Retreat

The Girlfriend’s Journey “Dream” Retreats

We want to assist women who have lost their ability to feel joy & have fun in life helping them reconnect with their creativity and reveal their most vibrant self.

The urge to create inhabit everyone, it’s in our making! When you create, we are more open to messages and ideas laid in front of us.

Women come to “Girlfriends’ Journey Dream Retreats”!

Here, you’ll find an outlet to replace the feelings of emptiness with tides of vitality and creative energy that are within you.

You’ll surround yourself with open hearted women at a beautiful Colorado venue.

  • Our speakers are selected to bring out messages to help women in business as well as women looking to start a new chapter in life.
  • There is plenty of good food, lots of fresh fruit and veggies served throughout the day.
  • Pause and Paint workshops are a star activity where women get to open their channel of receptivity through new found creative energy. The golden nuggets share throughout the day by the speakers as well as women sharing their own experiences find their way into a new sense of openness and joy.

This is a wonderful retreat for women where they feel safe and can find their true self again. Each woman plays a role in uplifting others with her own life experiences. A sense of purpose is re-ignited and this opens the gate to new and exciting possibilities.

The Girlfriend’s Journey “Dream” Retreats is where women feel like a Queen for a day or a weekend.

The Girlfriend’s Journey “Dream” Retreats is where you re-discover an international language of Love Art and new found purpose.

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